A Comprehensive Guide To Feeding Your Children Using The Fab 4

Supporting our youngest eaters for blood sugar balance and healthy growth and development


Simple and Fun

This course includes all the tools you need to support your child’s blood sugar balance, increase their nutrient density and support their satiety so they can play, learn and thrive at their genetic potential.

Here’s what you’ll find within the course:

  • 3 hours of instructional videos that will equip you with science backed recommendations
  • How and why blood sugar balance is critical in the first 1,000 days
  • How to guides for building Fab 4 meals and snacks for the infants, toddlers, and kids
  • Timelines for introducing solids, allergens, and more
  • Cheat sheets to guide you in those early days and beyond
  • Easy to follow guides of the most important nutrients for babies
  • Tips and tricks for a blended baby led weaning approach to solids
  • Best practices for introducing solid foods
  • Over 120+ pages of PDF content to go back to again and again!

Simply put, how we eat when we’re pregnant and how we feed our babies in those first few years impacts our child’s lifelong health and vitality.

Throughout this course, I’m going to share the research on how to raise healthy eaters who deeply respect themselves, the food they eat and their little growing bodies!

Fuel Your Child’s Future With Proper Nutrition

Research shows that how we feed our children in their first 2 years of life sets the foundation for their lifelong health. By providing critical nutrients and supporting blood sugar balance from the start, you can fuel your child’s future.

  1. By providing nutrient-dense meals and snacks, you’ll support your child’s development, as well as build their immune system, feed their microbiome, and decrease their risk of developing food allergies. 
  2. Creating structure around when your child eats allows them to develop healthy relationships with the food they eat now and for the rest of their lives. I’ll show you strategies to help break cycles of emotional eating you may have experienced yourself. 
  3. Despite our best efforts, sometimes kids just aren’t interested in what we offer. Part of the process of nurturing adventurous eaters is giving them the autonomy to choose how much they eat. To ensure they’re still getting adequate amounts of critical nutrients, learn when and how to best supplement your child’s diet.

What's Included

Fab 4 Under 4 consists of 3 hours of instructional videos that will equip you with science backed recommendations to introduce your infants and young children to nutrient dense, micro biome-loving foods. Each video is designed to help you better understand nutrition with recommendations for infants and children, as well as to begin using the same guidance of the Fab 4 to create balanced meals and snacks and promote adventurous eating. The course is accompanied by a 120+ page PDF filled with nutrient charts, guides, sample meals plans, and tips and tricks to make feeding your kids easier and more fun!


With massive food insecurity in the United States, this course is not here to food shame or make you feel guilty but instead to empower you with education. As a thank you for purchasing this course 1% of net profits from the Fab 4 Under 4 Course sales from July 9 -September 30 dates will be donated to various charities operating in CA, which are committed to fighting food insecurity. To learn more or to nominate an organization or program please contact us at [email protected].

Here To Guide You In All Things Nutrition

Kelly LeVeque

As a holistic nutritionist, celebrity health coach, best-selling author, and - most importantly - a mom of two little boys, I’ve helped all kinds of clients understand nutrition with my simple and flexible nutrition philosophy, the Fab 4!

This course is no different. I’ll show you just how to use the Fab 4 with your youngest eaters in order to support their growth and development with blood sugar balancing, microbiome-friendly, nutrient dense meals and snacks. From critical nutrients in infancy to preventing picky eating in toddlerhood, I developed this course to equip, encourage, and empower you as you make mealtimes fun again!

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